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African Studies Quarterly 5 1 Picard LA Potholm CP Pratt RC Richards AI Robert KM Social Theory and Social Structure. Glencoe, IL;Free Press. Retrieved 11 October Rukooko AB Buganda's quest for self-determination: possibilities and challenges to the universal interpretation of human rights. Sathyamurthy TV The political development of Uganda Aldershot: Gower Publishing Ltd. Woodrow W The study of Public Administration. Wrigley C Kingship and state: the Buganda dynasty. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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Reviewers Reviewers Guidelines. Editors Editors. News All News. Conferences All Conferences. Article Number - B Vol. References Amin M Burke FG Christopher W Kingship and State: The Buganda Dynasty. University of Cambridge Press. Karugire SR Roots of instability in Uganda. Ludwig VM Retrieved 02 October It rejected LRA calls for cessation of hostilities. The LRA adopted the tactic of walking out and causing stalemate.

In his unguarded moments, the President betrays himself. So I had to be here and show that I am a very peaceful person. The talks raised hopes for restoration of peace in northern Uganda. There was remarkable improvement in security in northern Uganda. The NRM has not linked democratic reforms with conflict resolution.

Democratization in Uganda has focussed on the building of institutions as opposed to consensus building and accommodation. The process has been controlled and has reflected the aspirations and interests of the NRM leadership. The NRM carried out democratic reforms to consolidate its hold on power and broaden its support base. It initiated reforms to get foreign aid from western donors.

Massive inflow of aid from the west has enabled the NRM to distribute resources to clients and maintain a coalition that has given the impression that a national consensus exists in Uganda. There are also indications that the NRM has had every intention to continue monopolising power and subverting the processes of democratization. It has sought to maintain itself in power through force. Regionalism and ethnicity have become important consideration in the allocation of scarce resources.

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The conflict in northern Uganda has resulted in widespread economic and institutional collapse. Poverty, malnutrition and mortality rate are well above emergency thresholds. This has widened the regional north-south. The development of two countries and two economies, a prosperous south and an impoverished north has been entrenched.

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The Divisive Nature of Ethnicity in Ugandan Politics, Before and After Independence

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