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Start Times Patricia Gonzalez, Game on! Manage students, model problems, and let students get their hands on technology from anywhere in the room without hauling out a whole COW!

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  • Service to service calls using client credentials (shared secret or certificate).

Audience: Room A, 1st Floor. Audience: Cynthia Hopkins Introduce your students to coding and robotics and Jane using affordable Ozobots. No experience Lee-Rhodes required. Grace Gonzalez Join us for an informative session to learn how to reach families on their time using easy computer applications to get your message out there!

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You do not want to miss out on this incredible resource! Audience: K Leave with materials to utilize in faculty meetings and resources to effectively model interactivity. This will help showcase how you can help build a digital-age learning culture for teachers and students; and instill a 21st Century growth mindset into your school.

In this session we will explore the top 10 apps, websites, and tools that you can start using in your classroom tomorrow.

The Success Principles by Jack Canfield

Come explore all the fantastic and free solutions to bring the excitement of the technology world to your classroom! Learn useful techniques and ideas to integrate digital media into your lessons regardless of the content and emphasize a paperless classroom. Featured tools include Storyboard. Audience: Room B, 1st Floor. ONLY The best way to learn how to use Nearpod is to Stacey Stallings explore the tools, edit, and create lessons for your own classroom.

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Spend time editing and creating a lesson, Audience: K learn how to include various interactive features and content materials for your students. Bring your favorite PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation or customize a lesson from the Lesson Library that you will use with students. Audience: Room D, 2nd Floor. Audience: K Room A 2nd Floor.

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McGraw-Hill curriculum consultants will lead hands-on training in online components, as well as print materials and all resources. Dig into our new adoption by Pearson and see all that it has to offer for our students. ONLY This workshop is designed for anyone who is brand new to Nearpod and wants to get started using Nearpod in their classrooms!

"99% is Hard, 100% is Easy..." - The Success Principles by Jack Canfield

Participants will experience all the interactive features, explore the Nearpod Lesson Library, learn how to launch both Live and Student Paced lessons, and access post-session reports. By helping students learn how to create presentations, learn word processing skills, spreadsheets, charts, keyboarding skills, etc.. Audience: Room B, 2nd Floor. Join Brooke from friEdTechnology as she shares fresh and creative ideas for learning with Slides. Audience: ONLY Learn to use Canvas to streamline teaching, improve classroom management, increase teacher and student engagement.

Already having students submit writing in Canvas but need to find ways to enhance the use of Canvas? The important thing at this time is that you can pass this callback array to the callback-handler injected during initialize method call and supplied by the authentication client see above. Now ServerLoginProxy.

Service to service calls using client credentials (shared secret or certificate)

As a result, security-session is retrieved from the active-logins map, and corresponding login module configured in the security realm under login module index is invoked to perform the login. A point to note here is that security realm login modules are initialized at the time when server-side callbacks are retrieved by the ServerLoginProxy in preparation for login. Not an obvious place to look. All information to the security realm login module comes from the security session it is on the server-side of course.

If overall authentication succeeds according to the security realm policy , JaasLoginService. It is here that all principals in the security realm login modules are collected and possibly wrapped into the DomainPrincipal and RealmPrincipal and then added to the Subject in the security session server-side.


At the end of the commit-loop, Principals between JaasLoginCoordinator Subject client-side and security session Subject server-side are synchronized. Principals from the JaasLoginCoordinator Subjects are added to the security session Subject in case of the server-side JaasLoginCoordinator this is an empty set and serializable Principals from the security session Subject are added to the JaasLoginCoordinator Subject.

At the very end JaasLoginCoordinator. It then wraps this subject-id into the IdentificationPrincipal , adds it to the set of Principals in the Subject and returns IdentificationPrincipal to the JaasLoginCoordinator. Apache Geronimo v1. It is useful to look briefly at the org. Security-session-id is returned to the client. Client is supposed to hold on to it.

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JaasLoginModuleConfiguration[] getLoginConfiguration JaasSessionId session-id Return array of login module configurations for the security realm associated with the session-id. Uncovering Possibilities. Harvesting Value. Asset Recovery Harvestate Group, LLC specializes in the strategic repositioning of troubled projects non-performing loans. Learn more.