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You can also listen to French news on rfi. You will get bogged down and become disheartened. Write three points on each topic and learn about 20 words of vocabulary. Make sure you have decent sentences to begin and end a written piece. It will only translate one word at a time, so it can be frustrating but there are interesting help forums on the site.

It is unlikely that the piece that you will have learned will answer the question given in the paper. Instead, build up your vocabulary for the different topics on the syllabus and practice with past or mock examination papers. NatashaLynchEF Biology. Take a short, five-minute break after 30 minutes and then move on to the next subject. These could range over the short questions in section A, the experimental questions in section B and the long questions in section C.

These should be learned off by heart. As there are only 22 experiments, it is possible to cover one experiment per day over the course of a month. When learning the experiments you have to know the steps taken and the reason for taking each step.

How to write better essays: 'nobody does introductions properly'

From Easter, concentrate on particular topics. These are the topics that come up every year along with any topics that are more likely to come up this year. All questions equal 80 marks. At least 80 per cent of your time will be spent on study so it is essential you acquire the skills to study effectively.

Along each line, write the key words or phrases linked to the sub-theme.

Writing Skills: The Paragraph

Instead, practise answering examination questions from past papers. Time yourself and see if you can write an answer in the time which the examination will allow you. So three or four one-and-a-half hours study sessions each week. Yet with our above structure we automatically deal with these verbs. This is excellent as it is a genuine opinion not rote learned from a textbook. It is essential to practise it as it takes most students over an hour to do this question. But after five or six ABQs the speed naturally develops.

If you do not practise the ABQ, you will not get it done in under an hour in the Leaving Cert — major mistake. You should be doing at least one ABQ each week from now until the exam. The long question may also have a short story as an introduction, if so students must refer to the short story in their answer or marks will be lost. Look over the requirements for length, sources and background information, and remember someone will be reading of these over a couple of weeks in the summer, so make it memorable. Make sure you know essential dates and what order events happened. It is about learning to make links to the question you are answering with the information you know.

For example, a question on the factors that led to the growth of fascism is not write all you know about fascism: you must isolate what brought about its rise such as instability after the second World War, the economic situation, threat of communism etc. There are only three, so make sure you know enough to write a mini-essay of two-and-a half pages in order to answer the contextualisation part of the question. Home Economics.

5 Ways to Write a Damn Good Sentence

Break it down. Have a timetable, and take it one day or week at a time. Use your textbook to answer them, so you build up a bank of accurate information in your head. You will have to analyse a graph or a chart in this question. You need to be familiar with it. Highlight key terms. What is being asked? Look at the marking scheme. How are marks distributed? Part a is compulsory. If you cut corners, you may get caught out.

Put in extra background work

Michael Dwyer is a fifth-year student in Gorey Community School. Natasha Lynch, essentialfrench. Eamonn Toland, themathstutor. The new scheme, which opens for online applications on November 20th, provides subsidies to help reduce the cost of childcare for families.

We asked twittered eeted teachers, students and exam veterans on Twitter for their tips. Grainne Faller. More from The Irish Times Politics. Gaelic Football.

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