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Objective The functionality and implementation of the pandemic plan are enhanced through the integration of a multisectoral approach. Assistance is given to several departments of the MoFNP Monitoring and Evaluation, Central Statistical Office, National Planning, Economic Management, and the Budget Office to improve the quality of their data and analysis, to enhance their internal organisation and to manage external relations more effectively.

The project works very closely with the structures of its partner organisation, MoFNP, to promote the sharing of information, views and experiences between the Ministry, GIZ, German development cooperation and other organisations and donors. The purpose is to help disseminate and provide access to environmental and climate technologies available on international markets and to establish sustainable performance capacities in the countries of the region.

In order to enhance access to the environmental and climate technologies available on the international markets, COPLAN assists business associations and foreign trade and investment promotion institutions in their efforts to promote foreign trade and investment. In addition, COPLAN supports pilot projects serving to introduce environmental technologies, facilitates dialogue between companies and actors in the target countries, and organises visits and trips of delegations to Germany to enable first-hand observation of good practices and specific technological solutions.

Other embellishments are mostly written fully out in small notes.

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Ultimately the player will decide according to his taste and knowledge where and how to embellish, in order to enhance the special character of the piece and to attain the right effect. Andere Verzierungen schreibt er meist in kleinen Noten aus. In the post-processing I want to remove cracks and dust and create a cleaner look.

The pink walls are not an eye catcher and should be enhanced. His photographic style concentrates on the emotional impact of the subject, trying to focus on its essence to enhance the shapes, hues and the dynamism in Nature. Read mor… www. Sein fotografischer Stil konzentriert sich auf den emotionalen Eindruck eines bestimmten Motivs und versucht dabei das Bild aufs Wesentliche zu reduzieren, um die Farben, die Formen und die Dynamik der Natur hervorzuheben.

This is a combined form of instruction involving traditional class attendance and computer and internet-supported studying as well as virtual group work. By integrating blended learning practices into courses with traditional attendance, the following areas can enhanced : www. Braun Face is a truly ground-breaking 2 in 1 device that works on all skin types, creating an airbrushed effect that will give you the skin of your dreams. Braun global ambassador and Hollywood actress Jessica Alba swears on the innovative product, which banishes imperfections and fully enhances her natural beauty.

How to get Jessica Alba's natural glow www. The blue, the dark skies, the golden sand and the grass — the colors he uses are exceptional.

Neue Kunst. Hahnenstraße 6. D-50667 Köln

To further enhance the mood of the photographs, I chose a special glossy paper. Wenn man nun seitlich auf die Bilder blickt, wirken sie fast wie 3D — und das nehmen die meisten Betrachter so nicht wahr. We have chosen not to duplicate the information in a second accessible site with which we could on the one hand rapidly eliminate the problematic aspects but on the other hand isolate the person with disabilities, providing a different information which would run the risk of fewer updating possibilities. The pages you find below are therefore the same pages which can be reached from another point of the portal, but which are enhanced in this section for their better accessibility; we hope to see here an increasing number of Parks as soon as possible!

Go to the home page of Parco del Conero www. Gehen Sie auf die Webseite des Parco del Conero www. A wide range of measures to promote selected value chains such as cashews, shea nuts, cotton, rice and pulses is being used in Benin to enhance the productivity and competitiveness of agriculture and to reduce poverty.

The aim is to enhance the adaptability and resilience of the population to external shocks and crises such as highly volatile food prices and the consequences of climate change. Objective By strengthening local democratic structures, support is provided to the Tunisian transformation process, at the grassroots level. Civic participation in municipal development processes has been enhanced , as has the autonomy of local government.

Approach The project focuses on strengthening local democracy in Tunisia. However, information and knowledge management and regional and national coordination of these adaptation measures often have weaknesses. Objective The skills and capabilities of the local population, the national governmental authorities and regional organisations are enhanced in order to cope with the effects of climate change and combat its causes.

Advice is also being provided to local value chains involving produce such as bananas, potatoes and milk to enhance local economic potential and lay the foundation for future growth in the municipalities. As part of the Energising Development Initiative EnDev , which is being implemented with support from the Dutch and German governments, GIZ is also promoting access to energy for rural households and municipal infrastructure.

The responsible actors at all levels work together in the interests of young people. Approach GIZ works with its partners to improve the structures in the youth sector and enhance technical expertise in the ministry and in local government administrations. The project focuses on training experts.

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  5. Verantwortliche Akteure auf allen Ebenen arbeiten im Interesse von Jugendlichen zusammen. Access to these information platforms may, of course, be provided for the general public as well, thus enhancing transparency.

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    The World Summit on the Information Society WSIS , convened by the United Nations, was a milestone in the formulation of international goals and strategies for a global information society. The goal pursued by RFP is to support international and interdisciplinary projects with the objective of strengthening the scientific and technological foundations for European industry and enhancing international competitiveness as well as to create a European Research Area.

    Zineb Sedira: universes-in-universe. Cedefop was one of the first specialized and decentralized institutions in Europe which provided scientific and technical know-how within this specific area and thus enhancing the exchange of ideas between the different European partners.

    Originally based in Berlin, Cedefop transferred is headquarters in to Thessaloniki, Greece. Through the sharing of experience and knowledge across borders, the municipal authorities learn from one another and actively shape national and regional development dialogues. This means that innovative solutions and best practices reach a wider public and also builds capacity and enhances performance in urban management structures. Interested stakeholders, towns and cities, local government associations and non-governmental organisations in these three countries are invited to participate in the learning dialogue, to contribute their experiences and to benefit from knowledge transfer.

    Publishing the Non-Tariff-Barrier Index In addition to these activities, the programme also provides a financial contribution to the EAC Partnership Fund, the objective of which is to enhance regional integration and socio-economic development. It also facilitates the harmonisation of support given to the EAC by the different development partners.

    Through evoFOAM, a lightweight midsole cushioning, this trainer offers a fast, responsive and smooth ride. Contact: Dr. To this end the German consulting firm Particip GmbH has been subcontracted to provide on-the-job coaching for partner cities and district administrations as well as in the responsible regional administrations.

    The programme is enhancing the transparency of municipal budgets and municipal accountability in district and village communities. Municipalities are working together with civil society organisations to introduce instruments that enable the population to demand public accountability, for example participatory procedures for monitoring the use of public funds.

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    We enhance the capacities of regional and municipal organisations and structures in the health and social protection sector, provide in-service training for health and teaching staff, and promote cooperation between state institutions, civil society and the private sector. We promote innovative, hands-on measures that focus on new teaching methods and forms of treatment, as well as pilot measures for health care and strengthening the sexual rights of children and youth.

    The cooperation pays off for all participants. Partner companies gain workers trained to their own specifications and trainees enhance their chances on the labour market. Further informationen www. We are happy to inform you about our new products via email. Unfortunately our newsletter is only available in German. If you don't mind, please register with your email address on our German website:.

    Click here for the German newsletter archive and the opt-in procedure. Send us an email Consult with us via email: info replicata. Opening hours Visit us in our showrooms in Freiburg Staff See how our team has grown over the years Everything for doors Doorbell plates, doorknockers, bells, bell-pulls, electrical and mechanical chimes Door and window fittings Door fittings, door knobs, door handles, in brass and iron Glass for doors and windows Sand-blasted, ground-coloured, fluted, ribbed, bevel-edged or leaded glass Switch systems for surface or flush mounting Sockets, rotary switches, rocker switches, rocker pushbuttons, Functionality that allows API Clients to retrieve your email address.

    Functionality that allows editing of user's favourites through the API. Functionality that allows listing and modification of guests through the API. Functionality that allows view and modify of guest types through the API. Functionality that allows view last active through the API.

    Functionality that allows view of list booking through the API. Functionality that allows view of list invoices through the API. Functionality that allows editing of overview plugin through the API. Functionality that allows editing of manager's properties through the API. Functionality that allows API Clients to search for properties. Functionality that allows API Clients to retrieve information about the site structure.

    Offers functionality specifically designed to offer data to remote servers that have received a webhook notification. This plugin automatically sends a payment reminder email to guests that have unpaid bookings after a time period set by the administrator. This plugin runs automatically in the background and sends a reminder email to guests to leave a review after a number of days from their departure date. This plugin automatically deletes or cancels all provisional unpaid bookings after a time period set by the administrator.

    Provides a framework for plugins to enable ajax based search functionality. Allows you to put a search module that offers searching on availability, price range, features, property type, room type, guest numbers, stars, country, region and town in a sidebar or across the top. Offers 4 possible layouts, 2 vertical 2 horizontal. Provides an alternative front page to Jomres Property List page but this can be switched off if required.

    Shows a google map with points for the various published propertys.

    Get PDF Piloten gibts wie Sand am Meer (German Edition)

    Extended Sorting plugin for Jomres. Created by Jomres Extras. Offers additional sorting options in property list.