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It comes with 3 colors with or without sidebar, fixed sized or fluid. Default vbulletin 3 style made responsive also available in the pack. Purchase Our Style Pack Now. Remember Me? Straight Dope Message Board. FAQ Calendar. Register FAQ Calendar. Go to Page I have a new to me car. Its got the display for trip time,avg mpg, miles to empty etc. I filled the tank today as much as it would hold and it read miles to empty. I did a bit of driving and it was saying to empty. About 1. My distance to empty still reads So for some reason one gallon is not enough to alert whatever mechanism that measures the tank level.

So how exactly do these things work? Reply With Quote. Originally Posted by Quintas. One final thing I thought of. If I were writing software to filter the fuel level detected, I would assume that a small increase in the fluid level was NOT because someone put more gas in the tank, but because the fluid was sloshing or the car was on an incline. This assumption feeds in to the car's estimated range.

I don't know how many of them work this way, but my Cadillac seems to simply take the mpg average from your recent driving and combines that with how many gallons are left in the tank and makes a simple computation based on that. It's a bit inaccurate at the top end and bottom end of the tank, since the level meter can't detect the extremes of the tank level. Above a certain point it's just "full" and below another point it's just "empty".

Distance To EMPTY readout after REFUELLING

Once it reaches the empty point in the fuel gauge the range never gets any lower, which means that the display still shows quite a few miles of range left when the car runs of out of gas I accidentally ran it out of gas once. It seems to have about a gallon or so at the top of the tank that it can't measure, and also about a gallon or so at the bottom of the tank that it can't measure either it's a 17 gallon tank.

When I have gone on long trips, the range starts out using the mileage I get from driving around on local two-lane roads. Then, as the car detects that I am getting better mileage since I am on the highway the range slowly increases to match it.

This confirms that it is doing a very simple mpg x gallons calculation. Yours may work differently. Originally Posted by Habeed.

How far can you actually drive on those last few gallons of gas?

I would assume that a small increase in the fluid level was NOT because someone put more gas in the tank, but because the fluid was sloshing or the car was on an incline. Mr Nobody. Re: distance to empty Bruce my D3 had a remap, so was not standard, but when travelling with friends who used a D4, at every fuel stop I used less fuel. Originally Posted by faniedup. Re: distance to empty According to my fleetcard stats I have averaged Re: distance to empty My V8 gets to km on a tank and that is all around town, no highway driving. Get on a tank if I drive down to Northen Cape at But the peace of mind on the V8 is priceless.

Awesome vehicle, but a bottomless pit. Ex: Hilux 2. Ex: Hilux D4D - sold at km.

Here’s How Far You Can Actually Drive on Empty

Originally Posted by 4xhilux. When I spend all my time in town I get km before the light comes on. If I spent too much time enjoying the V8, only km. On the open road I get around 6. Discovery Sport 2. Re: distance to empty Having had mine from new, using the on board readout as a guide, between Now having a SDV6 engine up front, I'm seeing better fuel consumption in general, I haven't really done any fuel consumption calcs but going back to the on board readout there has been a change.

A few Nelspruit trips have given me 9.

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So no need for me to buy a D4. Originally Posted by Byron. Around town I pretty much exactly the same as you, seems only difference is on highway. If the gauge points towards E, and the estimation says 40 miles left, fill it up. Got mine done today during my regular maintenance. I know this is an older post but it seems the dealerships may now be getting the programming tool they were waiting on to be able to fix it. Yeah got a notice last week it's resolved Wish I'd known before running out of gas last summer.

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So the fix is in. Warning comes on saying 60 miles to go, took Seem like a regression, not an improvement. Well that's not good. Haven't gotten my "repair" yet, but I'll post the numbers when I do.

Distance to empty

Important Information. Dear Subaru Owner:.

We would like to thank you for your selection of a Subaru vehicle. We take pride in our products and are committed to your continued satisfaction. Subaru has developed a software update to the Distance-to-Empty logic which indicates how far you can travel on existing fuel levels for certain model year Legacy and Outback vehicles.

This software update is intended to ensure improved accuracy of your vehicle's Distance-to-Empty feature which is displayed in the vehicle instrument panel. You received this notice because our records indicate that you currently own one of these vehicles. The time to perform this software update is approximately 30 minutes.

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However, it may be necessary to leave your vehicle for a longer period of time on the day of your scheduled appointment to allow your Subaru retailer flexibility in scheduling. If you have moved or sold your vehicle, please update this information online at www. Reimbursement consideration will be based on the amount an authorized Subaru retailer in your area would charge for the same repair. Please send the original service repair order, which has the name of the repair facility, date of repair, mileage at the time of repair, complete digit vehicle identification number VIN , and your name, with correct mailing address and telephone number to the address listed below.

Subaru of America, Inc. Box , Camden, NJ Please send original receipts only and retain a photocopy for your records. Please be assured that we will attempt to process your reimbursement request as quickly as possible, but it may take up to 60 days for this process to be completed. By email: Go to www.